Ferrochrome Smelter

Measuring Task

Determination of slurry density in the thickener underflow at a Ferrochrome Smelter plant.

  • Pipe diameter: 75mm (3 inch)
  • Pipe material: HDPE 90 SR9 68.6 mm
  • Solids: 60-80 %wt
  • Density: 1.400 – 1.600 g/l
  • Temperature: 15°C – 30 °C


The customer gave the assignment to remove manual sampling from the thickener underflow and replace this with an online density measurement tool. One of the main requirements was that it had to be a radiation-free / non-nuclear density tool, due to all the environmental regulations.

Instrument used

The Rhosonics Slurry Density Meter is a good solution for in this ferrochrome smelter, because of its reliable, stable, and real-time density measurement results. In addition, the Slurry Density Meter is non-nuclear which means that it is friendly to human health and to the environment. This led to not having to increase the level of training of the personnel, no need for an RSO (Radiation Safety Officer) on site, and there were no licensing and associated costs needed.

  • An immediate on-line density measurement
  • Greater control of the process enabling the production of a more consistent product
  • No licences, permits or specialized personnel necessary for the SDM thanks to the ultrasonic technology instead of nuclear source
  • Payback time of approximately 2 years e.g., reduction of labour costs, hours spend on manual sampling, RSO training, and radiation leakage tests (done by an external company)

You can read the whole story in the case study. Click on the image below to download it.

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