SDM at Gold Processing Plant

Measuring Task

Gold processing plant
Cyclone feed: classification

  • Ore: Gold (Au)
  • Tank material: Carbon steel
  • Solids: 60wt%
  • Density: 1,5 – 1,65 ton/m3
  • Optimize the process control through density data obtained in real-time;
  • Improve efficiency and control of the hydrocyclone battery (classification);
  • Calculate the mass of slurry produced in the grinding circuit;
  • And use reliable, non-nuclear density measurement technology
Instrument used

The SDM measures density in real-time (online), so directly in-line, or in tanks, making it ideal for process control. The analyzer provides reliable, stable, and accurate measurement, by using technology that is not harmful to operational health and safety. The SDM is easy to calibrate (1 point: slurry) and does not require operational licenses related to radiation protection and safety.


At this gold processing plant, the SDM analyzer went into operation in 2018 and has since then been meeting the measurement needs for operational control of the classification stage at the client’s mineral processing plant. The process and operation teams are satisfied with the results obtained via the SDM, and its easy calibration.

The SDM contributes to:

  • Real-time density measurement and monitoring, through ultrasonic technology
  • Allows the calculation of production (mass flow)
  • Detects process changes “online”
  • Allows process control to reach density and production targets
  • Eliminates costs associated with operating licenses, transport, and disposals required for technologies based on radioactive (nuclear) principles

We confirm the success in using the SDM. The process and operation teams are happy with this technology

Metallurgy Management

You can read the whole story in English or Portuguese. Click on the images below to download the case study about the SDM at the gold processing plant.


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