SDM at Minera Poderosa

Measuring Task

Determination of slurry density in the thickener underflow.

  • Pipe diameter: 80 mm (3 inch)

  • Pipe material: Carbon steel alloy (ASTM A53)
  • Solids: 60wt%
  • Density: 1.500-1.700 g/l
  • Temperature: 19°C-24°C (66°F-75°F)

Minera Poderosa wants to measure and control the density in the discharge pipe line of a tailings thickener in order to improve the next stage of the process, which is tailings filtering.

Instrument used

The Rhosonics SDM Slurry Density Meter is a good solution for this measuring task, because of its reliable, stable, and real-time density measurement results.

The density measurement signal (4-20 mA) is sent to a PID loop controller and is used to control the speed reference of the pumps and the closing and opening of automatic valves for recirculation of the slurry when the density is below the desired value. The SDM contributes to more efficient tailings filtering and saves time spent on manual measurements.

Additionally, thanks to ultrasonic technology instead of nuclear, the customer will save time and costs spent on governmental licenses and hiring specialized personnel for maintenance and calibration. These benefits can result in a payback time of approximately two years.

  • Automated process control in the filtering plant
  • An increased efficiency of the tailings filtering
  • No licenses, permits, or specialized personnel necessary for the density meter thanks to the ultrasonic technology instead of a nuclear source
  • Payback time of approximately two years

You can read the whole story about the success of Minera Poderosa in the case study. Click on the image below to download it.

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