Product news flash: non intrusive concentration measurement

Posted on Friday, 18 December 2015 at 12:12

Is non-intrusive concentration measurement important for your process? And does stainless steel sensors not meet the chemical resistance you wish for your application? In that case model 9595 is the one of your choice. This model is primary used in applications wherein concentrations of Brine, caustic slurries, and chemicals like phosphates and nitrates need to be measured.

Traditional systems monitor several concentrations in binary liquids by measuring sound velocity and temperature. Therefore, most of the time an intrusive sensor with reflectors or even two sensors are needed. Within model 9695 there is only one ultrasonic sensor used. This sensor is measuring the impedance and attenuation of the slurry or liquid. The PEEK sensor material is very corrosion and wear resistant and since the temperature is measured by means of ultrasonic technology, a PT100 is also not needed. Get in touch with Rhosonics for more information.

Different sensor/analyser configurations for a model 9695