CDM at Paper Mill in Canada

Measuring Task

Measuring density and suspended solids content in lime mud before entering the rotary kiln of the paper mill.

  • Pipe diameter: 62 mm (3 inches)
  • Pipe material: Stainless steel
  • Density range: 1350 – 1450 g/l

The density is a critical parameter at this point of the process, because when correctly managed, it could prevent maintenance and downtime due to material that is sticking inside the rotary kiln. The customer wants to keep the density at a steady point, which means not too high or too low, close to the target value.

Instrument used
chemical slurry density 9670

The CDM Chemical Density Meter is a great choice to determine the density and suspended solids content of chemical slurries. The measurement enables the customer to monitor the density in real-time and without using hazardous radioactive materials (RAM), which gives the instrument a lower total cost of ownership (TOC).


After a month of testing the customer was very satisfied with the density measurements of the Rhosonics CDM. In comparison with the nuclear density meter, the CDM provides more than density – the customer is also using a second analogue output for the measured suspended solid content.

The advantages of non-nuclear technology such as:

  • No license needed
  • No radiation safety officer (RSO)
  • No administrative paperwork
  • No area restrictions or limited access

You can read the whole story about the success of the Paper Mill in the case study. Click on the image below to download the case study in the preferred language.


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