Rhosonics introduces the Concentration Meter B32

Posted on Tuesday, 26 March 2019 at 09:03

Rhosonics introduces a new B30 series model, the Concentration Meter B32. This instrument can distinguish three components of the quaternary liquid solution TMAH+CO3+PR. All concentrations are monitored real-time with the highest accuracy and shown in weight percent (wt%) on the B32 display. The B32 analyser uses the combined data of four different measurement technologies for determination of the three concentrations. Three technologies are integrated in the B32 and the fourth is coming from a third-party device. The measurement data can be transferred via an RS232/Modbus RTU signal for communication with a PLC or control room.

The other B30 series model, the Concentration Meter B31, can be used to measure two liquid concentrations. This model is specially developed for the semiconductor and flat panel industry, to measure in ternary solutions such as TMAH+PR.

The differences between the B31 and the B32 is that the B32 has a real-time reading of three concentrations. Also, the B32 has easy commissioning (DCS independent) and input for data of an external UV device.

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