Blog: Why density control is important to the dewatering process? 2/3

Posted on Wednesday, 9 December 2020 at 11:12

We’ve explained before the benefits of having density control over the thickening process and the importance of water recovery. In the process of dry tailings, which is basically just one step ahead of the thickening process, the density value can be used to monitor and improve the dewatering process efficiency.

In a dewatering plant using a filtering station, a density meter in the inlet of the filter allows a control over the %solids being fed to the dewatering process, which must be within a certain range as stablished by the supplier of the filtering station based on the type of ore and tailings. Keeping density stable means a more efficient dewatering process, resulting also in a better water recovery. By measuring density and flow in the inlet of the filtering station and calculating the mass flow, it is possible to then calculate the efficiency of the dewatering process based on the amount of dry solids from the outlet. In theory, the amount of solids being fed to the station should not differ much from the amount of solids in the outlet.

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