Density meter at hopper dredger RIO

Posted on Friday, 30 June 2017 at 09:06

DC Dredging, a dredging and transport company, did a two-months trial with the Rhosonics Slurry Density Meter (SDM) at their dredging ship RIO. The SDM was used during a beach filling project in front of the Belgium coast in early 2017.

Originally the ship RIO was equipped with a nuclear density meter, however, for this specific project in Belgium there was no permission to use a nuclear device. DC Dredging decided to replace the instrument and start the trail period with the non-nuclear SDM density meter. The test at the RIO was positive, thus the company continued using the SDM at their dredging ship RIO during beach nourishment and shore protection projects throughout Europe.

The picture above shows the dredger RIO combined with a drawing of the ship. The slurry enters the ship through the drag head (1) and suction pipe (2), the sand particles are settled down in the hopper (3) and are discharged for beach nourishment. The SDM was located behind the discharge pump at the back of the ship (4).

You can read the whole story about the installation at the dredging ship RIO in our case study, please contact us if you are interested or click on the image below to download the case study.

Download the Case Study