First SDM density meters sold

Posted on Friday, 26 August 2016 at 01:08

Rhosonics officially got its first purchase order for the SDM density meter, realized by its Australian distributor Precision Light and Air. PLA sold the SDM, a total of two pieces, to a customer in Western Australia.

The customer will use the instrument to get real-time information about the density of their iron ore slurry. Operational data is very important, because even a small change of process conditions can already influence the process’ efficiency. The density meter will be used for gathering essential information about the separation process. The SDM continuously monitors the mineral processes and will ultimately contribute to a further optimisation of production at the plant.

Rhosonics introduced the SDM as the successor of the model 9690 non-nuclear density meter, of which more than 350 pieces were sold to 100 projects all over the world. In most of these projects, the model 9690 was used to replace the nuclear instruments to measure the density of abrasive slurries at dredging vessels and mineral processing plants.

The SDM is the newest generation for non-nuclear density measurement and has some major improvements compared to the current systems in the market. The instrument makes use of the same ultrasonic technology but has new materials, better electronics and innovative calculations. Thanks to the new sensor material of the density meter, the ultrasonic signal of the sensor is much stronger which results in highly accurate and reliable density measurements results.

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