Thermo Fisher Discontinues US fabricated Nuclear Gauges

Posted on Wednesday, 15 April 2020 at 01:04

In a recent statement, Thermo Scientific announced to discontinue a part of their product line for nuclear level and density gauges. What is the impact of their decision?

Thermo Fisher Scientific US has decided to discontinue their nuclear density gauge business. According to Thermo’s discontinuation notice, this decision was made after a careful review of their global operations and product portfolio. The announcement was made in their product bulletin of January 30, 2020.

In their bulletin, Thermo shares a list of products that will be gradually phased out without any replacement product. Thermo announced that service and support for the discontinued products will be offered until the end of 2024, subject to availability. Discontinuation of the US Nuclear Level and Density product line is effective from January 31, 2020.

Click here to read the Thermo Scientific product bulletin with all details about their decision.

Update: In a new letter to customers, they announced to continue one of their models (DDG3) which is fabricated in their Australian factory. Other nuclear density gauges are still discontinued. Please check the current list here.

Thermo Scientific list of impacted products:

Product Description

Product Model


Gamma density gauge

DensityPRO (MS2011DU, MS2011DUR)


Gamma level gauge

LevelPRO (MS2011LU1, MS2011LU1R)


NAI density gauge

DensityPRO NAI (NS2011I, MS2011R)


3680 Smart density transmitter

3680, CutPRO, ConsistencyPRO


InterfacePRO for level, density, and interface

InterfacePRO (MS2011IP)


DensityPRO integrated gamma system



SGD-O density gauge for fracturing

SGDO Density Gauge


KRILPRO neutron backscatter level/interface device



MOLA-Moisture Online Analyzer



PNF Point level gauge

PNF Point Level Switch


Example of a DensityPRO

Need help with the transition?

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